Our tutors are hand picked and interviewed to provide the best learning experience for your child. We have various tutors from diverse backgrounds in order to provide our students with a tutor that suits them best. All are in high academic standing and have the passion to teach. 

Meet our Tutors!


Founder and Director
Mathematics and General Education tutor

Welcome to Arista! I am the director of Arista as well as the tutor for all mathematics and general ed. courses (history, science and geography). I am currently teaching English at the high school level. I graduated from TESL at Concordia Univeristy with a minor in Mathematics. Education has always been a passion of mine from a young age and therefore decided to pursue it as a career. I enjoy building connections with my students and love helping reach their goals. 


Senior Tutor
Elementary and High School Tutor

My name is Celena Korban, I am currently studying Neuroscience as a specialization of psychology. I’ve always wanted to help others, and the brain was something that attracted me even at a young age. Understanding how emotions work, and why we are the way that we are, are things I’m very passionate about. I want to teach Neuroscience in the future, so by tutoring students now, that will really help me towards my career since I have some knowledge regarding how to interact with students in a learning environment. I love tutoring, and being able to help students with the topics they struggle with, and being a role model to them makes me really happy!


English and French tutor

Hello! My name is Eva and I am completing my fourth year of my bachelors of education at McGill University. I am very passionate about working with children and hope to be able to teach them one day. I have taught in high schools during my field experiences, tutored privately and in a center and finally I have also worked in a day camp. My experiences have taught me how to work and deal with children in different environments and of different ages.


French, English and Math tutor

Hello! My name is Andrea. I am currently enrolled in Economics at Concordia University and will be switching fields of study to pursue a career in teaching. I have experience working with a wide range of ages – from early childhood as an early childcare assistant to pre-teens as a camp counsellor. I love being around children and watching them grow! Children learn much more than course material during tutoring sessions – they learn to believe in themselves and that hard work pays off!


Chemistry tutor

Hi ! My name is Phillip and I am currently in the process of obtaining my PhD degree in Parasitology, I have been fascinated by diseases my whole life. Why do we get sick? How can we get better? Those are the basic questions I try to find the answers to. My second passion has always been teaching. I have taught for the last 8 years and mainly the basics of science. By building a strong foundation, science turns from being a boring class into a game. A game whose purpose is to obtain greater knowledge and understanding of the universe we live in.


Calculus and French Tutor

Hi! My name is Tom. I’m currently studying Software Engineering at Concordia University. I have a solid mathematics background, taking a dozen math-based courses at the CEGEP and University level, and want to help share the knowledge I have with students. As I study in a field where communication and proper methodology is key, I believe I can help students identify their problems and work with them to help overcome them. 

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