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We offer individual tutoring sessions starting at 35$ an hour!

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Arista offers various services in order to ensure the academic success of your child. These services include group homework sessions, group tutoring sessions, individual tutoring sessions, essay workshops, crash courses and many more. With all these services available we are able to take all the required measures to guarantee academic success and leave no doubt. Situated in the heart of the West Island, Pointe-Claire, we are able to provide all our students with the tools to succeed close to home.

Individualized, Customized
​Learning ​Plans

Unsure if group homework sessions are the right choice for your child? Believe your child requires more individualized attention? Our free consultations help guide you towards the right educational plan for your child. With a strong knowledge about the student’s character and academic background we are able to choose what would be the best and most comfortable choice for both you and your child. Meeting the educational needs of each one of our students is a priority to us at Arista.

Different Students Require Different Approaches to Learning

At Arista we recognize that each student has their unique style of learning. Although many students benefit from individualized tutoring others just need a scheduled, open and comfortable study friendly environment to focus on their homework. Many children only require review of their daily lessons in order to achieve excellence. Some children only have a few questions that require clarification to understand a topic or chapter and Arista is the place to do that!

Evaluation and

At Arista we feel that it is important to be able to track the progression of your child in order to ensure success. Our monthly evaluations help to keep us updated and to assure that we are on the right track. These monthly evaluations are given to parents and are filled out by the tutors themselves if there are any inquiries or concerns another free consultation will be scheduled to re-evaluate the child’s learning plan.


Reviews From Happy Learners

Our holistic approach assures that we give the best chance for your child to succeed.

    Madelen Porato


    Arista tutoring was a tremendous help to my son. He attended individual and group sessions and was very happy with the instruction. Reliable, professional and highly effective. Thank you Arista!

      Alan Quail


      Arista Tutoring really helped both my children. My son went from very poor grades to honor student with their help

        Roula Athanasopoulos
        Roula Athanasopoulos


        Very professional and engaging. I sent my three sons to Kali. She evaluated their needs and a curriculum accordingly. They followed group lessons however very targeted to each students needs . Kali is very dedicated and passionate . Thank you once again Kali !

          Tracy Becker
          Tracy Becker


          Arista helped our daughter have a better understanding in math and helped her to gain confidence. So much so that she is now in advanced math . I highly recommend Kaliopi and her team!

            Anastasia Mandelos
            Anastasia Mandelos


            Very professional service, Kali gives great confidence to her students which helps the students reach their academic goals. Grateful for the help and support Kali gave to our children.

              Rhonda Blincoe
              Rhonda Blincoe


              Such a wonderful place that helps kids overcome their learning difficulties and find academic success. The team is outstanding.

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              Our consultations

              Our consultations are free of charge and take place before the child commences any program at Arista.   Consultations are scheduled only by appointement …

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